Left Lane Hogs

Every state in the United States has a law relating to the left lane. While worded differently, they all have the same intent, which is intended to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

No matter how it is worded, the laws require passing on the left on highways with 4 lanes or more, and slower traffic to keep right.

Why then, does it seem as if more and more drivers are unaware of this rule of the road? Is it a continuation of the “me generation”, where people just look out for themselves? Is it because some areas don’t teach proper driving procedures as well as others?

It could be a combination of both. When I travel the highways around the northeast US, I notice plates from certain states and provinces on cars operated by younger drivers staying in the left lane more than others. This includes New Jersey and Ontario.

The New Jersey plates I seem to understand as NJ parkway culture, where the lanes seem to have flipped purposes. If you have not driven in NJ recently, people fly by in the right lane, and go the speed limit or below in the left lane. It makes no sense.

It is not just interstates and major highways either. Locally, there are a few 4 lane business roadways. People will stay in the left lane for miles before they need to get into the let turn lane cut outs to turn left. The reasoning I can see as they know there are many others in the left lane that won’t allow them in when they need to move over. I know you have seen it… you turn on your turn signal to move into the available space in the lane next to you, and the car that you will get in front of decides they won’t stand for proper driving, and speed up to block you.

How do we get back to responsible and safe driving when it comes to the left lane? Law enforcement often has more important things to handle both on the road and elsewhere. Can we reinstate drivers ed? Should we have a drivers test every time we renew licenses? Something does need to be done. It will save gas, save people time, and probably save lives.


Merge Point

It is summer time, and that means road construction is in full force.

Most times, people know what to do… slow to a safe speed and pay attention to the construction workers. Why then do people ignore what the construction signs actually say? I guess it is like regular multi-lane driving, where they think they know the rules of the road, when they really do not.

One of the worst things in a construction zone is merging and knowing when to do so. Many construction zones do not have blatant signs stating when and where to merge, the DOT just assumes one knows the proper way.

Locally, there is an alternating electronic sign switching between “RT Lane Closed Ahead” and “Use Both Lanes to Merge Pt” before a very congested construction area.

At the merge point, there is another large electronic sign switching between “Merge Point” and “Take Your Turn.”

The distance between the signs is about one mile… with two traffic lights between them. Not only do the majority of cars not wait until the merge point to get into the open lane, many move over before the 1st traffic light, which is a good .8 of a mile ahead of the merge point.

When someone follows exactly what the signs instruct, drivers that did not drive properly end up getting annoyed, attempt to block both lanes, tailgate to prevent proper merging, and other dangerous actions.

This is a gentle reminder to truly follow what signs are telling you to do. Not only will it save lives, but it really will save all drivers time and aggravation.

Coming up, left lane hogs.

First posting

Hello, and welcome to ouQ sutatS… or in other words, not the status quo.

This blog will have articles and hopefully lively discussions on how the status quo is helping or harming life in the world today.

The status quo is different in different parts of the world, and I live in the United States, so I will focus on that with possibly other places as it fits.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to conversing with you in the future.